Home ReleasesEdit

The show was originally released in the US on VHS in 1998. It was later on re-released on DVD in 2001.

The series was released completely in brittain as well

Germany was more fortunate with home releases, the Pilot was released in 1996 on VHS, the same edited cut was released in 1998 on DVD. The complete series was released in 2008. 

Japan got a release with an individual cover as well on VHS only in 1999.

  • The japanese VHS cover
  • The cover for the german VHS release, the footage on said copy was edited together to form a movie. The material was only a edited down version of The Original Saga and Prince of this City
  • The german cover for the DVD release of the edited down version
  • The cover for the american release
  • The german cover for the complete series
  • The brittish cover

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